Hi, I'm Larry Xu

I am a Berkeley-based web and graphic designer.

My passion is to develop innovative web applications and design beautiful promotional graphics. I have had experience crafting designs and websites for various clients, organizations, and companies, as well as completing independent projects and competitions. You can check out samples of my work below, as well as my resume for more detailed information.

I am proficient in new web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Rails, and Node.js as well as experienced with various design tools like Adobe's Creative Suite software. I also love photography and am always on the lookout for my next great shot. With all of these skills combined, I am poised to help craft your next big marketing campaign or web app idea. Feel free to contact me, as I am available for hire.

Latest Projects
  • Chatterbot
  • telebearsRTC


As a professional web developer, I have worked on several projects over the years and have become experienced with the design, development, and deployment of web applications using the latest technologies. Being a web developer involves understanding both complex programming paradigms as well as having a creative vision to design an effective user experience. My programming knowledge primarily consists of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, MySQL, and MongoDB. I am flexible with the tools at my disposal and am always open to learning new languages, tools, and frameworks. I have created websites and applications for various organizations as well as completed internships at local technology companies doing application development work. I have even submitted and presented my websites for national competitions, receiving several awards for my work in the web design field.

Click on the thumbnail images below to learn more about each project. Live website links for some examples are provided.

  • Chatterbot
  • telebearsRTC
  • Baarzo
  • Verdadera
  • La Pluma
  • MV WebDev
  • RealVu
  • Teeno
  • American Enterprise
  • MV NHS
  • MV MatShack


As an experienced graphic designer, I work with both print and online media to create visually appealing designs and brands. I love to study and research fine typography, beautiful color schemes, and modern design layouts so that I can improve my own personal aesthetic skills. I believe having a clear brand and cohesive marketing strategy is imperative to an organization's success. That being said, I have collaborated with several student groups and individuals as a graphic designer in order to help better promote their goals. I am familiar with design software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign as well as digital SLR photography and photo-editing. I enjoy creating mockups, mockups, and more mockups in an iterative design process where I actively listen to client feedback in order to ensure their satisfaction. My knowledge stems from both personal experience and a formal study of graphic design in high school, and I have even submitted some design work for a state competition.

Click on the thumbnail images below to learn more about each project.

  • Stephen Skeel
  • Xtreme Adventure Travel
  • FBLA Project Reports
  • MV WebDev Promotion
  • MV FBLA Promotion
  • FBLA National Campaign
  • FBLA State Campaigns
  • Technology Workshop

Contact me

Want to launch your next business idea? Need marketing or web design work done? Send me a message and get in touch. I currently reside in Berkeley, CA but have managed to work with clients from all over the country.